MEDIAPRESS is an informative video service provider which offers its potential clients recording, editing, and storing of video material related to important events. 

With the internet technology available to today's audience comes a necessity for speed and prompt delivery of information. The media in Montenegro and the surrounding region demands a full coverage of events in video format.

Project MEDIAPRESS was created after a team of media and marketing experts came together with the idea to improve the communication between the political, social, and media institutions and the general public. 

Our services are available to institutions, companies, social and political subjects, and to national, regional, and local media. 

We offer to our clients:

  • recording of all or selected events related to the client's work or promotion
  • editing of recorded material
  • availability to all TV stations
  • storing of material

All recorded material is available for download to TV/news stations on for purposes of playing it on their platform. 

After signing the contract with our info web service each user receives a username and password to access the material.

The material is sorted by the following segments - Politics, Economy, Social, Tourism, Sports…

All files are uploaded in WMV format in high resolution meeting all TV standards, while never losing quality of image and sound compared to the original. In order to use or view the downloaded files from server, no additional codecs or software is necessary.

The only prerequisite for the user is to have a minimum bandwidth speed of 512 kbps.